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Why is Repeated Captcha needed if already a member?

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Jan 19 13 8:06 AM

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This is frustrating to have to listen to a commercial every time I log in.  I already have a username and password - why do I have to listen to the commercial to see the words to type in.  Something is not right.

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Jan 20 13 6:51 AM

Hi Tom
I don't require Captcha  when I sign in, so let's see if any other members are having a problem. Because this is a free forum  Leflora will probably allow ads, it how they make their money. Sorry. Is anyone else experiencing any of these issues. I do not but as the administrator it maybe different for me. 

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Jan 21 13 7:41 AM

I have figured it out.  As a normal practice, I usually logout of forums when I leave - prevents me from making stupid mistakes.  If I don't logout of the forum and later connect to the Forum, then the challenge does not occur.  But if I logout, and then try to connect again, even same browser session, then I am challenged again.  

This happens in both Safari and Firefox.  This is the only site that I have experienced this with, and I am not a fan of these techniques.  Most site just set a cookie and if it is there when you login, there is no challenge.


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Jan 21 13 2:41 PM

I usually just remain logged in, but for your benefit, Tom, I tried logging out and then logging in again (using GoogleChrome). Yes, you do have to enter Captcha, but it's not as bothersome as most of them used on Blog Comments! At least it is clearly readable.

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Jan 28 13 10:10 PM

I too experience the same Captcha. Hate the comercials. Will try different browsers.

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Jan 29 13 2:30 AM

I have to complete a captcha but not view commercials. Very glad about that - the captcha is annoying enough.  But at least more legible than many! I will try not logging out.

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Jan 29 13 1:43 PM

I signed out the first time I used this site and got the same message you did, Tom. Although I didn't think about the annoying sign, I started staying signed in and never got it again. Sometimes wonder if staying signed  is a safe practice for any site. 


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Jan 30 13 5:39 AM

I understand the rationale for using captcha, especially on a public forum.  This is why on my Writing Challenge blog, only registered users can make comments.

The captcha is no longer a problem for me.  I just don't log off the forum anymore.  I close the tab, browser, etc. and Captcha no longer a problem when I connect following the daily forum update link.  


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