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Jan 27 13 2:31 AM

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I'm a newbie and thought I'd post and say hello and encourage other newbies to get involved in the forum also.  I haven't made my word commitment yet, but still have a couple of days to decide.  I hope I can live up to it.  I'm starting from nowhere, so hope that any effort on my part will be better than nothing.

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Jan 27 13 5:36 AM

Thanks Shell for starting this thread. I realize a good portion of you are may not have had the time to create a plan, and that's ok. There are plenty of options for starting from scratch.

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Jan 29 13 11:10 AM

Hi! I'm a newbie as well. I've decided to start with a journal tucked into my suitcase when I visit my ailing father on the weekends. I'll have topics in mind when I visit and I'll jot things down when he naps or goes to bed early. I really don't know too much about him, he's always been very private and I'd like to get some things down on paper before it's too late.

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Jan 29 13 1:28 PM

I am also a newbie who, at the moment, is struggling with my former disorganization. Fortunately we had time to put things in order. I plan to write about my paternal grandparents who have fascinated me for years. I am really anxoius to begin writing. The push to write daily is just what I need.


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Jan 29 13 6:00 PM

Hey there everyone, Im new to this forum and looking forward to joining in the writing challenge. I am going to set myself a goal of 300 words a day and see how I go, my area of writing interest with our family tree is to write up as many biographies as I can research in detail. This should take me a good amount of time to complete.


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Jan 30 13 6:08 AM

I too am a newbie when it comes to story writing, and posting to forums.  In the past the only forums I participate in are ones associated with finding technical solutions to websites, etc.   

But I can already see the advantage of blogging my story - as it forces me to post something every day or two to keep on target to meet my goal.  And I am sending an email to my extended family to let them know that I will be posting my story in progress on my website. Hopefully, that will provide "objective comments" and maybe even some additional information that I am not currently aware of.

By the way, I posted my rough outline last night. I am sure it will be adjusted as writing progresses.


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Jan 30 13 10:09 AM

Hi Tom--
Blogging could be the perfect outlet for you and doing a little at a time sounds like a plan:) There's something less intimmidating about blogging, at least for me, and it's been a great place to try stuff out.
My relatives aren't too interested and never visit or comment... hope yours are better than mine;)
Blog on!!

Cheers, Diane

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Jan 30 13 11:10 PM

Hi all, newbie here.

Not sure if I will get a chance to do the challenge. I hope so, but lots of things to be done over the next few months. 
I dabble in lots of things, art, writing and genealogy. I also combine them when I get the chance.
Having written my first novel on my family, set in Deniliquin, Australia in the 1800's, I feel I have learnt a lot about researching. I have also learnt from my mistakes too!

Looking forwarding to learning more from other members.


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Jan 30 13 11:42 PM

Great to see the newbies responding to my post.  I'm going to commit to 250 words per day but hope to do more.  I think I'll just write individual stories at this stage on different people in my and my husband's families.  Maybe after the challenge I'll have enough material to pull it all together into some sort of story.

Forgot to say in my original post that I'm from Australia and would love to hear about any other Aussies doing the challenge.  I note that Margaret above is from Australia.  I also have family (husband's) that were in Deniliquin.



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Jan 31 13 6:27 PM

I am also a newbie. I'm very excited about this. I am planning to do a biography of my grandfather. I have already downloaded the trial version of Scrivener after watching Lynn's videos, and used it to do up an outline of the sections of his life I need to cover, and topics I want to be sure to include. I have lots of stories that he handwrote down, as well as a couple of hours of dication that he made with me, all transcribed. Actually, a lot of his stories are quite short - more like anecdotes, so I plan to group them together according to where in his lifespan they fall. Just the act of doing up the outline made me see where I have gaps, and where I need to do more research in terms of the places he lived. But, I figure I can get the stories down and do the supporting research later. One challenge I have is how to weave together his own writing with my writing. 

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Feb 1 13 2:57 AM

Hi Shell,
yes, Australian, down in the boring suburbs of Melbourne.  Most of my ancestors arrived and settled in Echuca, Moama, Deniliquin and beyond.
I have included quite a few other locals into my story. Perhaps one of your family is mentioned. :)
Should love to chat to you.


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Feb 1 13 4:13 AM

Nich, wonderful progress. Don't worry about meshing your writing with your grandfathers. Just start writing, it will reveal itself in good time.

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Feb 1 13 4:34 AM

I'm a newbie here as well.  Tomorrow's first post on my blog will tell my personal reasons why I have chosen to do it now. I'm starting a  blog and am hoping to use the challenge to get some good habits in place over the next month!
The research is done and I have a box of photographs and memories, I just need the push to get started!  The plan is to write about my grandmother, but I think I may well get distracted by other things as I discover them!!  My previous writing is scientific textbooks, so this is enjoyable for me in comparison.  I'm not very good with keeping up with forums, but hopefully the daily emails will remind me to check in here!

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Feb 2 13 5:45 AM

I am also a newbie. My goal is 250 words per day. I work part time and have varied interests in addition to genealogy. My ultimate goal is to produce a book that includes research my great uncle did many years ago. I always felt it was such a shame that he didn't organize it himself. He was actually a librarian in the genealogy department! When he died, a colleague had his group sheets and some other ephemera archived at the library where he worked, but sources are not documented. Following the trail he left has been a wonderful adventure. This challenge is just what is needed to get me moving toward creating my book. One foot in front of the other, right?

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Feb 2 13 7:14 AM

I’m sort of a newbie. Have a website with a blog that describes discoveries I’ve made that I never thought I’d find! It also has photos of families, although I haven’t been uploading lately. Scanning the myriad of photos from my grandmothers, some back to pre-1900s has kept me busy. Then there’s the editing to retain the most details possible. Some photos are in fantastic shape, some not so much.

My goal is to write 250 words per day. The reality is that it will be somewhere between 150 and ??. Sometimes the story is short but sweet, sometimes it's a long-standing memory that defies a set number of words. The family history type will be a Family History Blog using my father, our family and his relatives, which will include stories or memory snippets, photos and research. My blog is The website is

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Feb 2 13 7:47 AM

I am a newbie to this writing stuff. I started out doing family genealogy when I found my fathers cousin had done a partial genealogy on his family. I had quit my job to take care of my dad after he had moved in with us, so I thought it would be a great project for me. It snowballed and now I have researched all sides of the family and I would like to put it all together. This will help me so much. I am looking forward to finally writing.

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Feb 2 13 10:47 AM

Hello, I'm also a newbie to writing about my genealogy!  I began a blog to document my finds, methods, and ancestors.  I joined the Family History Writing Challenge to make myself begin!

I'm sharing my blog, but I'm a little scared.  In the past I've kept my blog posts private, but I've decided to make them public :)

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Feb 2 13 3:25 PM

I am excited to be writing about my family history.  I have been researching for 45 years and have a wealth of information.  I want to write the stories of these people so their lives will not be lost.  I have posted in a different category, but will try posting here as well.  This is my second day of writing and have done my 300 words.  Congrats to all who are participating.

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#20 [url]

Feb 2 13 11:15 PM

Great to see so many newcomers joining the forum and the challenge. Don't be scared. We're all here to learn, it's a very encouraging an supportive group. 

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