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Feb 3 13 10:49 AM

    I made my first post in by creating a topic.  Stupid newcomer mistake for I typed the title of my story (Pioneer Women of the Appalachians) as the topic.  This is where I need to be for I am as green as they come.  I am so excited about this project.  I want to share my story and get input.  How do I go about doing that?  What about a blog?  I have no idea how to create one but I am willing to learn and I feel I have finally found the right place to do just that!  Thank you so much for creating the Newbie category.


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Feb 5 13 12:05 AM

    Thanks.  I will check out the blog idea from the links you posted.  I did upload what I have written so far in my accidentally created topic, Pioneer Women of the Appalachians. I am a little nervous to expose myself, however, that is why we are here right?  To learn and to grow as writers and historians of our family heritage.  I am enjoying so much this forum and its topics.  Having started my story already and having succeeded in my daily writing goals (haven't added today's writing) I am wondering if I should change the way I am writing.  I really like the ones that I have read that are written in a less documentary style.  Please check mine out and let me know if I should change directions or keep going the way I am.   I want to feature as many women in my heritage as we have time for in this forum but will continue till I am up to current times no matter how long it takes me.  This has been the jump start I have needed.  I am soooo glad to have discovered this writing challenge.

I kind of like the idea of only ones participating in  this challenge critiquing my story so I think I will just leave it uploaded under the topic title for now.  Question is do I upload the file each day in order for it to progress?  Like I said.... I am green.

Thanks for listening


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Feb 5 13 5:38 AM

I think what'll do is start a new thread for those who are looking for critique from the group. They can post there so we can keep them all together. Very proud of you Louise for putting your writing out there and letting others critique it. Your going to grow so much as a writer by doing so. 

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#25 [url]

Feb 8 13 8:30 PM

Lots of first this year, first writing challenge, first post, first sharing experiences.  Enjoying it so much, even with my busy schedule.  Thank you for the opportunity.

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Feb 14 13 9:57 AM

I'm new here, too. I just recently found out about this web site and decided to take the challenge. I started a week late into February, but better late than never. I've been writing my family stories for several years, but have been at a standstill for a while. This challenge has helped me get started again. I thought I'd try 250 words a day, but I've been averaging around 300, so that's encouraging. I'm writing about my paternal grandmother's family at this time and enjoying it very much. Thanks, Lynn, for this great web site.

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#28 [url]

Feb 20 13 12:20 PM

Well, it's day 20, and I'm finally going to let someone other than me see my first attempt at writing.  This is part of a plan to start a blog, for which I wanted some content ready to go.  My first three stories are all about female ancestors, and the "Laura" here is my maternal great grandmother.  I never knew her;  my search for her records brought this story together.

I would be glad of any comments - I have a hard time with dialog when the events are so distant and I never knew the participants but I know I can and need to improve the details of the setting - it's on my plan for the next draft ...

Here goes....


Click here to view the attachment

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#29 [url]

Feb 21 13 5:30 AM

Stephinaz, very nicely done!  This is a beautiful narrative about Laura. I can see your theme emerging. I would encourage you to look to the history and social history of the time and place. It may help you to answer some of your questions and will add more detail to Laura's life and the details of setting that you expressed to improve. Stephinaz, congrats on sharing, I know it's big step to share that first piece of writing but no worries you're off to a great start. Keep up the wonderful work! 

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#30 [url]

Feb 22 13 4:57 AM

I have tears in my eyes. This is truly a beautiful story. You have skillfully woven the facts into your narrative, and you have speculated on what Laura's life must have been like so that the reader is fully engaged. I want to read your next "chapter."

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#31 [url]

Feb 22 13 9:47 AM


Nicely done.  Your title really caught my attention.  You brought me into the story emotionally.  I agree with Lynn about the opportunity to include more of the social history like what the train ride might have been like or how she may have felt being in the strange new places in England purported by herself as a 16 year old, how frightening that must have been as well as her probable inability to speak English.  There are so many possibilities here to expand on.  One thing I noticed is the repeated use of "likely" which I understand but I would suggest looking for alternate words, even perhaps using a thesaurus to find some alternatives. 

Your research seems quite complete especially following the alternate family.  I think that adds depth to the whole story. 

Nice job, I look forward to the next draft.


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#32 [url]

Feb 22 13 10:42 AM

Stephanie, what a great story!  You've taken the hard circumstances of a woman who was born "inconveniently," and painted an image we can see and feel.  How hard her life must have been early on.  I can only imagine how much she would love what you've done with her story.  

Other than making shorter paragraphs, which can be done in the edit, I applaud your writing.  This is a story everyone will want to read.  

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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#33 [url]

Feb 23 13 1:13 PM

I can't tell all of you how much I appreciate your feedback.  Jarnspiger, I was looking at railroad history this morning to see if I could figure out what train she took! And all of the other suggestions were spot on.  So, now I'm working on two more stories; both of them my female ancestors - both more tragic stories than Laura's - so the next chapter is on its way.


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