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Share your blog spot here! (no pun intended)

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Feb 1 13 10:58 AM

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I want to read as many as I can. How about a post just to share your blog address for the challenge?

Here's mine: Converging Roots


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Feb 1 13 2:17 PM

Until recently, I really haven't been a blogger although I did have a Family History website which requires login to see most information.  But in an effort to participate in this Writing Challenge, I have installed blogging software, and you can read about my progress here - 1 day down, 27 more to go.


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Feb 2 13 4:23 AM

For Family History Writing Challenges, this year I started a new blog dedicated just to that. It is linked to my main blog, which deals with the research, and an online journal dealing with readings and ideas as I work on problem solving. This is the Challenge blog: Adventures in Family History Writing
You can find the home blog and the online journal by following the tabs at the top of the page.

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Feb 3 13 7:42 AM

My blog is more about my genealogy adventure than about specific family.  It's a place to vent about my frustrations and share my findings, and write about the process.

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Feb 3 13 10:31 AM

    I love the idea of a blog but I do not know how to go about setting one up.  Could anyone give me help with this.  Do I need special software?  I bought my laptop in Feb. of last year and it has Words Office 7.  That is where I am writing my story.  I would love to share it and have others critic and give insight.


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Feb 3 13 10:51 AM

Oh, I put mine on the "Newbie" page, but I'll post here too:

I've been reading the blogs of people have been posting, and I must say they are all GREAT!  Keep writing (I love reading just as much as I love writing!)!

I don't have a lot, as I have just gotten over the fear of writing about my family...please stop by and let me know what you think!

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Feb 3 13 2:12 PM

Louise, the two popular blog sites are Wordpress and Blogger (  I've used both, but I'm using Blogger now.  It's the easiest.  Basically you just sign up, pick a template (background and setup page) and start blogging. Blogger is free, and WP has a free option and a paid option.   Lynn may have some more ideas for you.  

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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Feb 4 13 6:22 PM

For Christmas, I gave all of my family a 2013 Family History calendar I created in Shutterfly.  Each month features a photo collage of my parents, grandparents, g-grands, my siblings and me, and December ends with a photo of the grandkids, or The Next Generation.  Then I promised to share family stories for the featured folks in my new blog I started on January 1.  It's my first time blogging and I learn as I go.  The grandkids, my target audience, are loving these new-to-them, short, photo-laden stories!
Want to visit?  Stop by   MeanderingThrough the History, Stories, Photos, & News of the Davis, Duncan, McNeill, and McElvain Families

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#17 [url]

Feb 5 13 6:15 AM

Love the style you've taken to in writing this blog. It's clear you understand who your target audience is and the writing is very suited to them. Congrats! 

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#20 [url]

Feb 6 13 6:44 PM

Shelly, what's not to like about a fellow Ohio family history writer's blog?  Loved the description from 1929 of Mrs. Eberhard and her egg incubation and how much she baked in a week's time.  Good writing, and interesting reading.

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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