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Share your blog spot here! (no pun intended)

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Feb 7 13 1:31 AM

My Blog for the Challenge is here, The Life Of John Ebbott  I started two blogs almost simultaneously the other one is my main blog I use the two as I needed somewhere to put my research when I was writing as it kept cluttering up my story. 
I'm only beginning to write and I see what I'm doing now as the first draft rather than the end result when I've done writing a piece I'm always amazed out how much I knew although in the middle I wonder why I'm doing it but the satisfaction in the end helps my to my next one.
A long way to but least I am on my way...

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#22 [url]

Feb 7 13 2:00 AM

Hi tom,
I love your writing.  I tried to leave a comment on day 4 but it wouldn't accept it so I'll leave it here.
"Hi tom, you have a great foundation here, I like your theme church and community, it is difficult to catch in writing but a very powerful theme.  My ancestor did a similar thing in Australia but I haven't been able quite to weave in the civil and the religious elements yet, does it survive after the war?  "
Looking forward to more.

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Feb 7 13 9:02 AM

Thanks Sandra for the kind words. There had been a problem with the website before day 4. In fact software support for the blogging software I am using did something that required me to restore the entire website with all its data. But it does allow guest comments now and I just tested it. So please try again. And Lynn was able to comment earlier today. So it seems to be working.


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#30 [url]

Feb 8 13 7:24 PM

    I switched my story to the new Critique sharing topic.


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#33 [url]

Feb 9 13 12:37 PM

Thanks Bettyann, I found your comment. Lovely, kind words. It was an interesting chapter to write. Family members had been accused of that incident and the story continues telling about the court cases etc.  I did that one from an outsiders point of view and then the point of view of the police. That way I stayed neutral to the event.

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#34 [url]

Feb 9 13 4:29 PM

Finally, on Day 9, I'm ready to make it official!  I dipped into the Writing Challenge with some trepidation at the end of January, but I have taken the plunge and am deep in the waters now, ready to get to the other side.  

I have pledged to write a minimum of 250 words per post.  So far, so good.

My blog is

I hope you will stop by.  I'd love to hear critiques or suggestions, if any of you can offer them. 

Lynn, thank you and your guest writers SO much for your continued motivation.  I look forward to your e-mails every day.  This is so much fun!

Linda Huesca Tully

Linda Huesca Tully

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#37 [url]

Feb 10 13 10:50 AM

Since you were so kind to visit and comment on my blog,, I certainly wanted to repay and thank you by visiting yours.  There is a lot for me to learn from your polished presentation and style of writing!  The header you created is unique and informs the reader on your content before my eyes even hit the text.  Your hypothesis about James Wise activity in the Civil War was interesting as you pieced together the few clues available to you through collateral info.  Very instructive for me!!  I will continue to follow your posts!  

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#39 [url]

Feb 11 13 11:22 AM

Hello, Family History Scribes,
I've shared my family history through my vast collection of original documents, photos, letters, and diaries on my blog,, but it's a good deal more than I plan to include in my memoir. The book focuses primarily on my parents and growing up on Chicago's West Side, and the role my father's extensive travel, my insane grandmother, and shenanigans of tenants in our sprawling rooming house played in undermining my parents' marriage. I've used Lynn's Family History Writing Challenge for a couple years now to forge ahead on my project and can see the end in sight, after writing and editing about 50,000 words since January. My latest blog project is to post the World War II letters between my uncle and his friends and family, each on or near the 70th anniversary of the date it was written, so the book and the blog each has a different focus, and are moving ahead simultaneously. 
Thanks, so much, Lynn, for all the encouragement and advice to us all.

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