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Feb 11 13 5:32 PM

Linda how lucky you are to have those letters.  Very compelling story.

Connie from WV stuck here in Florida

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#42 [url]

Feb 12 13 5:34 AM

Linda, you know I'm a big fan and anxiously await your memoir. I'll be first in line to read it and enjoy getting a glimpse in to your family treasures on your blog.

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Feb 13 13 1:44 PM

I don't know, Gerwish, your beginning sounds like mine should sound.  I'm in the process of switching themes and writing about my family history search as I unfold the family stories.  The beginning of yours actually makes the reader want to continue, so that's the name of the game, so to speak.  That's actually today's topic too.  I like what you've written.  It's also given me ideas for my own.

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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Feb 13 13 6:21 PM

I have gotten to the point in this challenge where I am actually writing the story about my choosen ancestor, James Edward Wise.  Today I completed about 530 words or so and have posted them to my blog,  I would be so appreciative of anyone who will visit and read my words and give me feedback of what to improve or if this little bit creates any emotion or interest.  This is just the first page and I envision the whole article to be somewhere in the vicinity of 6-8 pages. 

Tell me, have I created interest?  Are you somewhat invested in this man... enough to want to read what comes next?  That is my goal, to actually make this an engaging story, to take a rather normal life and create interest from a stranger.

Thank you for any input.



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#50 [url]

Feb 13 13 6:54 PM

Linda, what a treasure you have in these letters! It's neat to see the story and relationships unfold through them. I'm sure they will give you more than enough anecdotes for your stories. Congratulations on doing so well with your project, and best wishes as you proceed with your memoir!


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#52 [url]

Feb 14 13 6:57 AM

Hi Jo,
I 've read your post and I love that you started with James and Sarah's wedding day. I think you have some room to create a little more of a scene. What you have at the moment is a summary narrative. But it would be nice to alternate your narrative with scene. For example, the wedding bells are ringing. The bride and groom arrive, how do they arrive, what are they wearing, what does the church look like. Create the scene for us, paint a picture, put us in the action.  You say you want to write an engaging story so I think scene needs to be a part of it. At the moment you have wonderful summary narrative, but in some upcoming newsletters we will talk a lot about creative nonfiction and the use of narrative and scene or showing and telling to create a really engaging story. Hope this helps. You're off to a great start.

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#53 [url]

Feb 14 13 9:11 AM

Thank you Lynn.  That is exactly what I want and need to hear.  Anyone have a good resource about weddings during the late 1800s.  I have a concept of what weddings are now, but am unsure if that is true during 1878.  I tried to find anything on the internet but then decided I should just write.  Anyway, Lynn thank you and I will pursue the "painting a picture" concept.

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#54 [url]

Feb 15 13 5:45 AM

You will absolutely need to do some social history research of weddings in 1878. But also do you have pictures of the wedding? Dissect the details of that picture. A picture of the church in 1878, inside and out? Is the church accessible, can you visit it? History of the church?  What family members were at the wedding? Who were the witnesses? Make sure you draw from the minute details in your documents and expand on them through social history. 

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#56 [url]

Feb 22 13 7:39 AM

I have just started exerpting some of my writng in the book for my blog. It's a nice practice and I plan to do more of it because it's another chance for cross-use and I get to fine tune it for the blog which has a different tone. Wouldn't have thought to do that if it wasn't for the Challenge:)
Cheers, Diane 

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#57 [url]

Feb 22 13 11:02 AM

I love your blog, Diane!  And I also identify with time alone.  I love being by myself!  I also love time spent with my family and friends, but I need my alone time or I start withering up like the last rose of summer.  I also get crabby.  

I like the way you write, probably like the way you talk!  Your writing voice comes across as honest, with no pretenses.  And I like mingling your feelings and thoughts, present day musings, and family history.  I'll visit more.

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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#60 [url]

Mar 13 13 10:03 AM

Hi, Mitzi!  I love that you are doing Kentucky genealogy.  My 2nd great grandparents hailed from Morgan County, West Liberty, Mason County, Orangeburg, and died in Fleming County, Muses Mill, Kenucky.  I'll be reading some more on your site...never know when we'll discover something relevant to our own story.  Good writing, by the way.

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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