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Not ready to write just yet - at least not in paragraphs!

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Feb 3 13 4:49 AM

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I've wanted to write for quite a while but haven't found the courage and the time.  My mother is in my head criticizing my efforts and so I back-burner it for someday.  However, I did sign up for this challenge.

Sadly, I haven't begun yet :(  However, I've thought about it several times a day - hope that counts :)

I'm going to amend my pledge slightly.  I'm going to gather information about each person I want to write about - bmd dates/places, occupation, residences etc and identify the holes in my research so I can fill in the blanks.

Then, I'm going to create a wall chart timeline - I have a stretch of wall that isn't doing anything right now!  I'll add a pic next weekend.

I may not reach 250 words a day (actually more since I've written nothing the first two days) but it will be something.


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Feb 3 13 7:17 AM

Pam, your headed in the right direction. But I'm more concerned about what is holding you back. I encourage you to grab a picture, a document and just start writing, small paragraphs. You can link them together later and find a place for them, but those snippets of writing will also give you confidence and help you to find the direction you're looking for. 

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Feb 3 13 1:00 PM

Well, I made a start today.  I`m using Personal Historian Essentials - the free version from .  It has a timer and a time-line and a whole lot of other features that I`m not really using but will check out sometime.

I`ve written 350 words in point form and now will spend some time writing a couple of paragraphs.

I`m my own worst critic and have to get over it.  Anything I do is better than what I don`t do :)

So, better late than never!  Maybe I`ll catch up :)  Thanks for the encouragement.

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