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Dialogue or Insight Into the Thoughts of a Character

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Feb 9 13 7:24 PM

Margaret, court cases are the best! So much information for motive, attitude and emotion. And especially dialogue. I have a binder full of newspaper articles, too. I couldn't write this story as fiction without the mountains of research I have.

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Feb 10 13 4:59 AM

Tom...sees like I'm replying a bit late since the gap between comments is so large! 

Last year I purchased at a very reasonable price a first edition hardcover edition of Roots. While I also own the miniseries on DVD, the book is inspirational. Just reading the first few chapters had given me ideas for writing passages for last year's Challenge...after the fact. Actually, I am still working on writing that book, but have put it down momentarily for this year's Challenge. If you've never read it, I would recommend giving it a look.

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Feb 10 13 2:07 PM

Hi Gayle, thanks for the reply.

I take your point about author's biases (this is a hobby horse of mine, having a MA in biblical interpretation!) but still feel that there is a huge difference between material based on fact but filtered by the author and material which is made up - no?

This actually ties up many of my problems - I wanted to put as much of the source material as possible out there so people could check for themselves, which makes it too unwieldy to publish easily as a book, which leads to the questions about succession planning for websites in my other thread. Source citation is fine as long as the sources are accessible. How often have you wanted to read more and found that the source is unavailable?

But you raise interesting points about the author's intent, how and why he redacts the way he does - and how we as readers filter the material in similar manner and fit it into our prior knowledge and worldview. I wonder if Lynn is planning to develop these in one of her later articles?

Springhill History

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#24 [url]

Feb 10 13 2:16 PM

Don't we specify in the beginning of a book what liberties we've taken with the stories?  I've read many books where there is a blurb at the beginning about the story being true, as for the incidents, but some of the words characters spoke were fictionalized to help the story.  

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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Feb 10 13 2:17 PM

Thanks Debnc I appreciate the recommendation.  But I currently have at least a half dozen books on my shelf that are still beckoning me to open their covers. I also changed my avatar since my better half has been complaining about it...  I usually am a troublemaker, so I thought the Spanky emulation would be appropriate.


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Feb 10 13 7:34 PM

A great avitar improvement Tom, you are so much cuter than that chub-faced child.  And don't ever stop being the troublemaker, I'm sure I can speak for most of us and say that we love your input.

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