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Feb 28 13 8:02 AM

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Hey everyone, a few of you have written posts outlining your lessons learned or takeaways from the challenge. Please let me know if you write such a post. I'm  consider doing a special post on TAG for next week with links to your lessons. I also would love to bookmark those posts to use for revving up next year's challenge. Oh, I already have so many exciting ideas for next year not sure how I can sit on them for an entire year. 


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Mar 1 13 7:35 AM

It's your baby, but you don't have to sit on it for an entire year.  You may consider a mini-challenge sometime in the future.

You have given a lot of helpful information, but I think the most helpful lesson to me was to give yourself permission to write.  You don't have to use it in a final project, but write, write everything you are thinking and draw from that what you will use.  You never know when you are going to happen upon a wonderful idea that can be the source of a whole work.  Let it develop as it does, and don't try to pigeonhole everything into a preconceived idea. 

Connie from WV stuck here in Florida

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Mar 2 13 7:34 AM

No worries I have plenty of projects on the calendar to share with you throughout the year. But giving you fair warning that next year's challenge will come with some great new added elements. And your absolutely right...permission to write is key. Once you grant yourself permission the rest of the world will follow and embrace you as a writer. 

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Mar 3 13 4:07 PM

Lynn, thanks for all of the fantastic information and resources you gave us this month. It's a credit to you that such a caring and supportive community has sprung up from your challenge. At times when I started to feel overwhelmed, it was refreshing to come here to the forum and know I wasn't alone. 

One of the (many) things that made an impression on me was the short piece you did about the middle of the month to the effect of "use it now, don't save it." I have a tendency to think I should save my best ideas or sentences for a more opportune time. It's actually a relief to be told in clear terms just to go ahead and use them.

I wrote a blog post on A Sense of Family with my take-aways called "Five Lessons Learned While Writing." You can find it here:

Please tell your guest authors that I enjoyed their contributions very much, too. Thanks again for all the encouragement. It's been a great challenge!

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