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Jan 23 12 6:55 AM

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Welcome to the forum for The Family History Writing Challenge. I am excited you have joined us in the forum. Our mission in this forum is to establish a safe environment where family history writers can discuss there hopes and fears, knowledge and questions in regards to writing their family stories. 

You are among friends and we are all here to encourage and nurture one another. 
If you need to know more about the challenge, read The Family History Writing Challenge. If you haven't yet signed up you can do so at Family History Writing Challenge sign-up page

I have a few rules before you start. BE RESPECTFUL, BE POLITE, KEEP THE LANGUAGE CLEAN, and HAVE FUN. 

That's it. Looking forward to some engaging conversations. 


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Jan 24 12 12:41 PM

Thanks Lynn for setting the forum up for us. I can't wait for  the Challenge to begin and through this forum, looking forward to being inspired by other Challengers. Hopefully I can inspire some
along the way.

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Jan 25 12 9:16 AM

Hello Lynn

Thank you so much for setting up this Challenge.  I needed it! I started a family history book back in 2003 and did 14,000 words of research for it - but now I have forgotten which were research words from somebody else, and which were my own creativity!

I keep saying things like "I'll finish that book some day" and never get around to it - so this Challenge gave me an excellent swift kick. 

Counting the minutes until 1st February...


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Jan 25 12 1:13 PM

Hi Lynn! 
I want to thank you for pulling this all together! I must say you have done such a wonderful job with everything! I am excited to see about the guest speakers too. My local genealogy society is forming a writers group, the first meeting is Saturday afternoon, and I would like to invite those who will be attending to do this challenge also. The group is small at this point, but what timing! This would be a great place for them to be also! So I am off to fill them in now! Thanks again! Cheryl

Cheryl Palmer

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Jan 26 12 9:16 AM

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited about taking part in the challenge. I'll add my thanks to Lynn for organizing this for all of us. I guess I shouldn't have signed up right before bedtime last night, because I had a hard time going to sleep with this going through my head - lol! Looking forward to getting to know everyone in the group!

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Jan 28 12 6:13 AM

Welcome Cheryl and Kim
@Cheryl - Wow, a writing group is such a wonderful opportunity and we would love to have them on board. I will be sending out the welcome newsletter to all those signing up over the weekend, so they won't miss a thing. 
@Kim, write it down, when I can't sleep because I can't shut my brain off, I do a brain dump, write down what's going through my head. Helps me find my peace. 

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#7 [url]

Feb 1 12 5:09 AM

Well, I am here and going to give this a try.   At this point I will write about some events with my parents growing up.  As an only child, no one else can write these events into stories....

Great post on Day 1 by Julie Cahill - on how best to manage TIME to complete this challenge!


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Apr 22 12 10:02 AM

Lynn, I have been following your blog for some time and don't believe I have seen the following issue discussed before. I am writing an actual family history narrative book, but am considering creating a web page (not a blog) to publish the narrative, other than a few hard copy books for immediate family. I love the research and doubt it will ever end, so a web page would enable updating more easily than self-publishing hard cover revisions. Have you any thoughts on this? bc

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#11 [url]

Apr 29 12 7:52 AM

Hi Connor

There is very little difference these days between a blog and website, and certainly a blog can be one element of a website. I believe what your asking is whether to create a static page that you would go in an change as your research changes and not create ongoing posts. This is certainly an option. A blog is a great way to help you write your family history story online and find an audience. However the option of writing it and publishing it on a website is certainly an option.  I would suggest you ask yourself who is your online audience and why are you publishing it online? What is the purpose? I'm not questioning you doing this, only that by answering these key questions we can best determine what is the best approach for your situation. I would love to keep the conversation going, if so I move it to it's own thread. 

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Jan 12 13 11:52 AM

 Just heard about this forum through Eastman's newsletter.  I've been wanting to write about my BABBIT family (that's my maiden name) for some time now.  Hoping this will get me going. :)

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Jan 12 13 7:51 PM

I look forward to actually producing something.  I have thought about blogging and find the above discussion with Conorbc interesting.  I have contemplated blogging.  I have been gathering ancestors and refining sources.  Since I am an only child and have no children, I basically am finding that I actually have relation,  I have experience in research and technical writing.  

If blog, I think I would write of my investigation and sources, societies, libraries and all that aid in my quest. 

A Cramlet cousin is sharing my pursuit of that branch of my family and I am thinking of setting up a Surname web page.

or several other ideas..I can't wait till I retire at years end.

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#15 [url]

Jan 13 13 9:14 AM

Our writing group yesterday caused me to pin down my goals.  I have some miscellaneous project to finish that maybe don't have that many WORDS to do, but just need to get done.  I'm going to have those be my projects for this year's Challenge and have my word count low, but my actual project completion HIGH!  I am going to break it down into steps for each of the different books I'm working on and plot out the time allotted for each step.  And I'm going to MEET MY GOALS!


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#16 [url]

Jan 16 13 11:00 AM

I too am looking forward to the writing challenge.  I am only committing to 250 words a day and see how that goes.  I am going to focus on one individual in my family and do a narrative.  This just seems easier than tackling the whole family.  lol

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#17 [url]

Jan 16 13 1:05 PM

Thanks Lynn for setting this up.  I am looking forward to spend some time dedicated to writing an interesting story, and less time in February viewing old German Church books on Microfilm.  Picking the right focus and theme will be tough to decide.


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#19 [url]

Jan 17 13 5:44 AM

Hi Lynn I have been involved in research myfamily history for over thirty years, whilst I have been a member of several National and Local family history societies this is the first one with a world wide forum I have joined and hope to not only contribute but to learn more from joining it is after all a never ending hobby. Barrie.

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#20 [url]

Jan 17 13 11:26 AM

February is going to be the month l finally stop the consuming, and start producing.  All research fun will be set on hold while I re-read what I have gathered on my GGgrandfather, Ira Sayles, and reconstruct his stories.  Thanks for this motivational environment,Lynn!

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