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Jan 28 12 8:18 AM

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It just occurred to me - if I put my book's outline up on these forums, presumably they are mega-private and so my outlines won't appear on Google or in any other search engine?  Hopefully not!

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Feb 6 12 10:00 AM

The only way into the forum is through my approval, so although Google may search this site, people will not be able to get access without joining and having my approval. Of course no site is completely secure against hackers. If you need further information I would suggest reading the Privacy information in the link below at the bottom of the page. 

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Jan 18 13 7:39 AM

Yes, I read that Privacy Policy and Terms of Use - and basically anything we post to Lefora forum appears to allow them to make use of the material for any purpose they wish.  In particular if you look at Full User Terms and Conditions Item 2 Ownership - it states we are responsible to only post things that we have the rights to, but also states that "As a condition of using this Site, you hereby license to CrowdGather, a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free right and license to display or remove the User Generated Content on its Site."  This is normal phrasing for many Social Sites and which is why I don't participate in them.

So I don't plan on posting outlines, story segments, etc. on this forum, but will provide links to my website that forum members will be able to access with proper credentials.


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