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Feb 1 12 9:40 AM

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I actually gave very little thought into what I was going to do.  I have so much I want to write about but I never sit down and just do it.  Here is my chance.  Last night, before going to bed, I decided that I would write my own personal memoirs about going through a divorce from my boys' father in 1982.  I sat down this morning and got started.  I wrote non-stop for a half an hour!  I'm so pleased to be telling my story and getting this down on paper.  These were difficult times for me - the most difficult years of my life and I think a lot of healing will go on as a write!  Thanks for starting the Writing Challenge!

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Feb 1 12 12:39 PM

Day 1 down and I've actually completed my task for the day. Yay!!! I did have a couple of urges to go check something while I was writing but I made it through with giving in. Now, I can check my email, blogs, twitter, google+, and facebook without guilt.


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Feb 1 12 1:05 PM

The first thing I did today was to set the timer for 30 minutes and write.
A few times I wanted to check some details on the internet and in Legacy, but resisted and managed to write about 750 words.

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Feb 1 12 6:09 PM

This morning I wrote 536 words (gotta love the counter in Microsoft Word) and I feel pretty good about day 1. One of the things I am going to really like about this process is that it points out glaring holes in my research. I am just marking those in red for right now so that I can come back later and fill them in. I'm definitely making a list of things to talk to my aunts about when I call them this weekend!

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Feb 1 12 7:08 PM

For some reason I have this horrible fear of writing! I found myself procrastinating all day. I had designated time after work to sit and write for at least 15 minutes and it just seemed I found anything I could to keep me from having to start writing, lol. But I finally did. I set a timer for 15 minutes and wrote just over 250 words. It's not perfect prose by any means, but it's a start! At least it is done. Shew.

I am hoping to write 500 words tomorrow.

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#5 [url]

Feb 1 12 7:31 PM

I was so tired after my long day, as usual, but managed to write 366 words after I put the kids to bed.  Writing is like exercising.  It takes a while to get geared up to do it, but once you start it feels good and you're more likely to keep going. 

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#6 [url]

Feb 1 12 8:23 PM

Fantastic, so happy to hear everyone is move past the procrastination, your right it doesn't have to be pretty but you have to start somewhere. Also to hear some of you are using the timer. It really does help keep the distractions to a minimum. 

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#7 [url]

Feb 2 12 1:26 AM

Personally I much prefer writing to exercising Dilley! I'm using this month to review a family history of which I have quite a lot written from a year or two ago. 

I wasn't happy with the style so have been rearranging, revisiting and rethinking it. I think it would almost be easier to start again ;-)  On the up side I've done several hours on it today and feeling more positive.

A few tips I've learned when writing -for what it's worth:
1. just write -put xxxx for dates etc you don't have instantly to hand. You can follow the details up later. It's the flow that counts while that timer is ticking.
2. I insert CAPS MESSAGES to myself eg get a photo of this, follow up that etc.
3. Don't delete a passage you don't love - cut it and paste into a "scraps" document...sometimes that's the very phrase/sentence you want later on. If not you can trash the whole lot later on.
4. If you stumble over the sentence when you read it there's something wrong with it. Don't worry about it straight up, but revisit and rearrange.

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#8 [url]

Feb 2 12 6:54 AM

Yesterday, I finished part 1 of my book, which was my goal (it was almost done...).  Today I will work on the second part of part 2 (the first part is mostly photos and I need to be home to do that (and wine...).  I'm not doing word counts, but sections, since mine's already organized into sections.  Today I will do one section.


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#9 [url]

Feb 2 12 8:38 AM

Yesterday, I worked off and on all day on my book!  I don't know what my word count was before, but it's now up to 12,696, and I'm starting on Chapter 3 today.  I solved a lot of issues yesterday--gaps in some of my ancestors' dates, etc., which got me going instead of being stuck.  So far so good.

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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#10 [url]

Feb 2 12 12:51 PM

Like others, I met my goal (in my case, writing at least 500 words--I wrote 556). It's all extremely rough, but I'm actually writing sentences about my grandmother! My past genealogy writing has been fairly formal because most of it was for the NGS American genealogy course. Yesterday I found myself using the word "tragically" (about her first child's death at 4 months), and I realized that in my writing this month I can include my emotions and reactions, rather than only sticking to provable facts and their analysis and interpretation. I will still include footnotes listing sources of info, but I'm excited about adding more personality to the writing.

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#11 [url]

Feb 4 12 12:04 AM

My goal has been 250 words a day. I was surprised to see so many others with the same amount for their word goals. I came to write for the day, and got sidetracked reading and catching up on the forum post. Now I see it is 12:03 pm, so I didn't get my words written for yesterday, which means I will do 500 words today.

Cheryl Palmer

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#14 [url]

Feb 1 13 9:31 AM

Well it's early on Day 1 but I'm a happy camper! Had my resources ready and lined up, had set my daily word count goal at 250 and thought it was doable. But here I sit at just 9:30 PST with over 500 words down and still feeling like writing! Am I shocked at how much I wrote!!
Think my productivity was so good because of the group and the resources coming my way. So thanks to all!!
Hey, this is fun!

Cheers and happy writing, Diane

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#15 [url]

Feb 1 13 9:40 AM

Day 1 arrived and I did not have the opportunity to do much of the prep work so I followed the suggestions in the newsletter this morning and used this first day to do the outline.  I wrote a bit first and then the outline and got to my pledged 300 words per day.  I wanted to put this on my blog but am visiting a daughter for a few days and the laptop won't let me log into my blog..... very frustrating.  I did however get the writing done so I feel good about that.  Congrats to all of you who have posted here that you did what you set out to do and often more.  It is fun to write about these people we have spent so much time researching.  More tomorrow.

Click here to view the attachment

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#16 [url]

Feb 1 13 9:42 AM

My goal for the Challenge is to post to my blog,, every day. I have been writing a genealogy newsletter once a year, a 2 page Word doc that I send out with my holiday cards, but I have far more documents and photos to describe, and stories to tell, than that outlet allows me to share -- thus the blog. I started the blog after nearly 20 years of genealogy research as a way to write a family history book in small chunks. The blog is nearly 6 years old, and I have never been consistent. My overall 2013 goal is to blog at least once a week, which will seem like a snap after 30 sequential days! Now, if only I can find the URL to my blog, and the username and password so I can post the Day 1 snippet, I'll be happy as a clam...

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#17 [url]

Feb 1 13 10:45 AM

I'm thrilled to have this challenge underway. I had the prologue written and backed up by about 10:00. I already found a couple area where I need to back and add some supporting information, but that's the beauty of starting. It forces you to confront what you know and what you don't yet have completed yet. 

Thanks, Lynn for facilitating this writing challenge.It's going to help me with one of my 2013 goals - becoming a more focused and productive writer. <happy smile>

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#18 [url]

Feb 1 13 12:36 PM

I took someone else's suggestion and just wrote what I wanted.  It's so far from the straight facts I' m used to, I'm  very happy with it.  Maybe through this process I' ll find a happy medium between the two.

Connie from WV stuck here in Florida

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#19 [url]

Feb 1 13 12:38 PM

My pledge is 250 words a day and I have written 298 so I am happy with that. I will write more over the weekend as I will have some time to focus. I have also outlined several of my short "stories" and updated my blog - though not with a family history story - that will have to wait until the weekend. 
(I am writing as a series of blog posts so that I can experiment with different styles). My other job this weekend is to have a look at the other blogs here and follow as many as I can.

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#20 [url]

Feb 1 13 2:36 PM

I did it - my pledge was only 250 words but I've finally started what I've been saying for years I should do. I did procrastinate a lot.  And I had to look up a couple of things on the Internet, but that helped fill in some gaps in the social history.  Thanks, Lynn for getting us committed to writing our family histories. 


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