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Anyone Else Blogging about the Challenge?

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Feb 2 12 9:24 AM

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One of my blogs is about writing and publishing, and I am blogging about the writing challenge there. Here is a link to Write Formation if anyone is interested. Is anyone else blogging about this experience? I would love to follow you!

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Feb 2 12 12:30 PM

Hi Kim,

What a great idea! I just started following your blog and you have inspired me to start a blog of my own about Family History and my journey to complete this book. I think it will be great to chronicle the journey. I'm kinda new to the whole blogging thing, but I hope this will also inspire me to keep on track.

Journey to the Past: The Masino Family


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Feb 3 12 12:09 PM

Yes, I am posting about the Family History Writing Challenge on my genealogy blog.  I have called it GenWestUK because it deals with genealogy (especially mine) in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, UK.  Since I am writing about my MURCH ancestors, who lived in Ottery St Mary, Devon - I thought it an excellent topic for a genealogy blog!

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Feb 9 12 8:58 AM

Yes - but not every day. I thought I would post an update once a week.
I started my blog for the purpose of tracking my book project - that was last May.
This challenge has been great and I've written more in the last week than I have in the last 6 months. I had found myself devoting more time to research than writing. Now I know that I can do both, so long as I keep a scheduled writing time.

I like checking out the other blogs too - very interesting stories.


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Feb 9 12 5:02 PM

I think you're at just the right place in your research to do the writing since you aren't so bogged down with all the distractions and possibilities. You have the freedom to just go for it and fill it in later.

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Jan 27 13 6:33 AM

If you are blogging about the challenge, whether the stories you are writing or your process as you move through the challenge be sure to let me know. Either here, or email. I'll be doing a round-up each week on Monday Morning Mentions. 

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Jan 27 13 10:43 AM

I have decided to try my hand at Blogging my Writing Challenge plans and progress on my website. Let's see how it goes.  But my primary commitment is to write my story, not necessarily be a blogger.  Fellow 2013 Writing Challenge participants can register for access should they wish to provide comments to anything I write on my website.


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Jan 28 13 7:22 PM

I started a new blog that will be used for the Challenge writing. I plan on writing posts about archiving my resources, the process of writing, results of writing exercises, and some clips of the content. The new blog is called: Adventures In Family History Writing. There are 5 posts so far. The blog is connected to the main blog and the online journal. I hope you'll stop by during February and leave feedback.

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Jan 29 13 2:28 AM

Yes - I will be blogging. I'm using the challenge to kick start my blog at with family history stories. I'm going to use an A-Z theme to explore people, places, sources, artefacts. I may not do a post a day as some of these will be longer and more detailed than others but I am pledging to 250 words a day so hopefully at least a post every couple of days. If I end up with a blog with 14 posts I will be more than happy! I'd love it if you could visit occasionally and comment. 

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Feb 1 13 6:22 AM

I'm blogging about the challenge at I already blog about family history twice a week but my posts tend to be very long and often go off into different directions so I'm going to take the opportunity Lynn provided -- thanks, Lynn -- to focus and to write shorter, 350 words a day.

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