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Anyone Else Blogging about the Challenge?

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#21 [url]

Feb 1 13 9:44 AM

I have a genealogy blog at My latest post is about my goal for this challenge. I will be blogging about the challenge, as well as other genealogical topics.

I have also subscribed to all of the blogs already listed in this thread and look forward to following everyone's progress.

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#23 [url]

Feb 1 13 4:30 PM

I wasn't going to use the blog to write this out and then realized that since I need to be accountable, a public blog will keep me on track. I used the blog to share the search for my husband's family but now it is all about my family. Rhea/Yeakley Family History  

I am going to go back and read the blog posts from everyone else.

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#24 [url]

Feb 2 13 2:19 AM

Not a blog directly but a website about my village. I am hitching on this challenge to give me the push to get it into a state where I can publicise it locally and have already been encouraged by clearing some stuff from the 'too difficult' drawer yesterday.

But yes it does involve ancestors - my sons are the fifth generation of my family to live in our house.

Springhill History

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#25 [url]

Feb 2 13 4:26 AM

Thank you, Colleen! I'm just wondering about my starting point right now. I'll work through it, but it will probably need some exposition before it when I'm done. This morning I looked at three family history memoirs I have read last year, and none begin with dialog. 

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#28 [url]

Feb 10 13 1:11 AM

Yes - I have written about the Challenge.  Here's the link:

I'm enjoying this so much, especially the daily encouragement.  Thanks so much, Lynn, and all of you.  It makes all the difference.

Linda Huesca Tully

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