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Day 2 - What have you achieved today?

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Feb 4 12 8:17 AM

Yay! I did 1,626 words yesterday.  Didn't even realize it, since I was at the same time adding bits of research, some photos and scans.  I'm feeling good about this.  

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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#22 [url]

Feb 5 12 6:05 AM

booklady01, I think adding in the history of the times and the area helps the narrative. I like to do that. I read about the areas my ancestors lived. Sometimes I incorporate it into the narrative. Other times I add the information into a sidebar. For example, I have reprints of 1900 & 1923 Sears catalogs. In a sidebar I added household items and their prices in the sidebar where I wrote about the family in those years.

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#25 [url]

Feb 6 12 6:45 AM

Yeah Ros!!! You are so right, there is no right or wrong way, we just keep writing and editing and massaging it until it is the story you want it to be! 

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Feb 6 12 6:49 AM

mark your spots for pictures and footnotes and return to them later, if you try to do this now when you go to format your book and stylize it the pictures will get messed up to but it simply. Pictures need to come after the book is written and formatted. 

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#29 [url]

Jan 26 13 2:31 PM

I am a little late getting started. I pledge to write a minimun of 250 words per day.
At the present time I am reviewing the information I have in order to decide how to procede.


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#30 [url]

Jan 27 13 8:37 PM

Whewww!!  When I saw replies on this thread, I thought I was already behind!  What a relief to see that this was from last year - so glad I still have 4 more days to get ready to start - four days!!  That's scarey enough!!  :)

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#32 [url]

Feb 2 13 11:33 AM

Ahead of target so far, its good to have some in the bank for harder days! Been writing about a chap who was taken to court for damaging fences whilst hunting, and resisting the temptation to edit.

Ros, love your description of the Baptism. Now if anyone will fund for me to travel to Brandford, Ontario, so I can add similar colour...!!

Springhill History

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#33 [url]

Feb 2 13 2:22 PM

Luckily yesterday I wrote 1400 words almost twice my 750-word goal, because today I came down with a cold and am feeling awful!. I'm going to try and get at least a little more done today since who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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#34 [url]

Feb 2 13 2:29 PM

On day 1 I started putting my immigrant ancestors into the context of the time - 19th century Prussia.This will be a stop-and-go project for a while as I continue to figure out how I eventually want to present it.

Today (day 2) I wrote most of an essay on memories of my maternal grandmother's house.

At least for now, I'm approaching writing the same as genealogy:  when I get stuck, I move to a different topic and let things just percolate in my mind for a while.  Letting things run in the background always seems to let the big chunks rise to the top.

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#35 [url]

Feb 2 13 3:17 PM

I just posted my Day 2 contribution to my blog: Already started working on Day 3 post.

Only difficulty is, I can't figure out how to post the FHWC badge onto my blog. I don't have a widget or plug-in that lets me do this, and I don't know HTML. Are there any step-by-step, for Dummies style, instructions available for how to do this?

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#36 [url]

Feb 2 13 7:07 PM

I did 682 words today - well over my goal of 250 words. I wasn't even sure I'd have a chance to get to it - we ended up going out to dinner with friends, then they came over for coffee after, and I while they were here, I was thinking in my head, "What if they stay late and I can't get to my writing??!!". Anyway, they left at 8:30, leaving me plenty of time!! Tonight I wrote about when my grandparents met and started dating. My writing is terrible, just straight factual, no description, but hopefully I'll be able to fix it up later. Really happy with how its going.

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#38 [url]

Feb 2 13 11:10 PM

@jnrollins, oh I'm sure there must be a html widget for your wordpress blog?  I'm not on wordpress so I can't help you specifically. I'm sure there are others in the forum on wordpress that can walk you through it. Anyone? 

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#39 [url]

Feb 3 13 7:06 AM

Imboon2, I don't think we should worry about how high our daily writing goal is set. I don't think 500 is better than 250 or 1,000 better than 500. I think it is more important to stick to the goal we set and to be happy with our words. Then, at the end of the month, we can be proud of our accomplishment.

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#40 [url]

Feb 3 13 7:12 AM

Absolutely, Colleen. The word count is a tool to creating a daily writing habit and being accountable to it. Size is personal based on one's life situation and time allotments. It's not about measuring one writer against another but about measuring yourself and your own accomplishments.  

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