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Day 2 - What have you achieved today?

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Feb 3 13 8:28 AM

colleen... I agree with you 100%.  One must take care not to get caught up in the numbers... but I did use them to show my personal improvement from last year.  My daily word goal does keep me writing so it is one of the several motivating tools I use.   And it allows me to reflect on how much I have improved.  hopefully this will help others....

setting deadlines for chapters or portions also serves as motivation.  The key is not to beat ourselves up when some of them are not met.  Nor to use missed goals as an excuse to stop writing.

thanks for the feedback.

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Feb 3 13 8:55 AM

@lmboon2, bang on! Deadlines for chapters or portions is great to keep you moving forward and yes don't let a missed goal be an excuse to stop writing. Cut yourself some slack but get back on that horse! 

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Feb 3 13 9:37 AM

Hi Lynn, that is very kind of you.
I am not at the stage of adding colour yet, but would appreciate any general advice on either tracing wills relating to land in Canada, or whether an Englishman may have seen active army service in Canada in the 1830s-40s. I have attached a file with brief details if you are interested...

If I ever find out where the land was then I may get back to you to ask how steep the hill to the church was, if that's ok?:)  And if anyone has questions about Rossendale, Lancs, then fire away.

Click here to view the attachment

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Feb 3 13 9:52 AM

Continuing to write setting descriptions using 'A Novel Idea' on an iPad to capture some of the feel of the area. These writings will likely be cannibalized or used as as reminders of stories that should be included to bring the time and place to life.

Day 1: Overall setting and climate (301)
Day 2: Refined Day 1; Added a specific town setting with historical notes and my first impressions (257)

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Feb 3 13 10:16 AM

For Day 2 I began actually writing, filling in the basic facts for two segments of my outline.  I am writing about each of my great-great grandparents first - so I'll be bringing the different lines together as I come down to my grandparents story.  My plan is to first of all write down all the facts I know, in a basic narrative; then go back and re-write to make it more interesting - does that seem reasonable?
My goal is 500 words per day, and I felt badly that I only did a little over 400 on the first day; but I was amazed to find that I had written 995 words today.

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Feb 3 13 1:59 PM

Imboon2, I don't think we should worry about how high our daily writing goal is set. I don't think 500 is better than 250 or 1,000 better than 500. I think it is more important to stick to the goal we set and to be happy with our words. Then, at the end of the month, we can be proud of our accomplishment.


Well said! Everyone's situation is different and this should be about fulfilling our personal goals I think. I have committed to 250 words a day simply because I know my tendency is to overcommit and I would rather exceed my target and feel good about it than fall short and lose motivation. So far, on day 3, I have managed to exceed it each day - with over double today - and it feels great! 

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Feb 3 13 2:06 PM

I'm rewriting my opening chapter today and have written about 500 words.  I mostly go by how long I write instead of the words now.  I try to do at least 4 hours a day.  To try and get this book done! 

Some days end up being 1 or 2 hours, or less, and then I try to make up for it another day.  

I did some more research and changing my outline again today which all goes into the 4 hours.  

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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Feb 3 13 2:48 PM

On day one I sort of cheated, gathering up and stringing together bits that I'd previously written. When I caught myself I dropped that ball and picked up another.  It is my first attempt to write about what I don't know, which is an interesting challenge.  I'm keeping to my pledge of 250 words (ok, probably more) but still struggle to just walk away and start living again once I meet the goal. It's so tempting to just stay in my jammies all day immersed in those people's lives and not even peek out of the window and see what 2013 looks like. Just gotta keep being tough with myself.

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Feb 3 13 5:08 PM

Yesterday I wrote 281 words... not bad. Realized one of the points of the piece were attributed to the wrong family. No problems... have to research any way! I found that there were many points to the patriarch that were presented and discrepancies in his information. Of course that means there's more research to do! Thank goodness I live only a few miles from the area the family settled in when they came from Canada. I've been very lucky in my research because both families on my patriarchal grandmother's side have extensive family trees that were given to me. There is the usual "dirty data" that needs to be verified, but both pieces have been very helpful as a starting point.

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Feb 4 13 7:43 AM

On Day 2 I wrote 1727 words and on Day 3 I typed them up in a spreadsheet, so no new writing.  Today I hope to get the spreadsheet written up in a few paragraphs, summarizing the data into something readable!


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