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Is anyone else having difficulty seeing a poster's username beneath their avatar at the left side of individual posts?

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Feb 3 12 5:55 PM

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The avatars show up fine, but the username (in rather large type) is partially cut off, making it difficult to determine that person's name. Not the end of the world, obviously, but just a minor annoyance!

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Feb 3 12 8:51 PM

Ah. I think it's a browser issue. I normally use Chrome, and it displays the lopped-off username below the avatar. I just opened the site in Firefox, and it displays the full username above the avatar. Go figure.

Joseph Ditta Author of THEN & NOW: GRAVESEND, BROOKLYN (Arcadia Publishing, 2009)

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Feb 4 12 8:50 PM

The forum, just as many blogs, is designed for Foxfire, I believe. Just as doesn't display images in the Advanced Image Viewer with full print options on Google Chrome (which I use for most regular work). Ancestry's disclosure states that it works best with IE. If you access the forum from the link in the emails, it automatically comes up in Foxfire and everything's okay.

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Jan 24 13 7:49 AM

I see the name on the side. I am having trouble on some of the pages seeing more than part of the first line. I just get some dots... and wonder what the rest says. This topic is not like that.


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