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Feb 26 12 8:51 AM

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I am so psyched after reading today's prompt! YES! I know my ending so well! In fact, because of this challenge, and because of the mini-getaway my husband and I took last week to meet his cousins in Mount Airy, NC who had been "cut off" from the family because some people don't want to include anything other than traditional relationships in their family tree...i.e., their parents were not married.

My ending WAS going to stop with the death of the three sisters I wrote of in the Prologue. The one who started the family reunions died...the next day her sister died...and 30 days later the oldest sister died! This really left us wondering. BUT, there was a branch of the family that lived only 3 hours away from where we live now who had been cut off simply because their parents had never married. But they are FAMILY! We have connected and now we are assisting each other in discovering the truth about a couple of the family mysteries. THIS IS GETTING GOOD!

I definitely desire to continue the support and guidance received here this month! This has been WONDERFUL! Thanks, so much, Lynn!

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Feb 26 12 9:32 PM

I am not sure how to end my story just yet. Actually, I have a minimum of 3 endings to come up with. One ending for each generation's story because I have separated them, and I possibly a fourth ending to wrap up the entire thing. I'm just not sure how it will all work out.

I am proud to announce that I have completed my goal for this challenge a few days early! My goal for the month was to complete my first draft of Rosaria's story, the first generation I am writing about in my book. I spent a lot of time tonight writing and I have come full circle in her story. I began with her leaving Italy behind for good in her 50's then backed up to her marriage at the age of 19 and wrote my way back up. I have reached over 8700 words and am now excited to go back and fill in the areas that need more research. I read through it tonight and am actually happy that it's not as horrible as I thought it would be! LOL, I was expecting it to be a bit of a mess, but though it's far from perfect, it's certainly not a bad start.

There is hope!

Thank you Lynne for this challenge, and thank you everyone for guidance and support. This has been a great experience. I hope we can continue to share our journey together.

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Feb 27 12 6:47 AM

Deb and Autumn, thank you so much for sharing your writing journey in the forum this past month. I am excited about keeping the interaction going. 

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Feb 27 12 12:22 PM

I also am near the end of the my first draft, albeit a "very" rough draft.  I have found this month long journey very rewarding.  I set myself the goal of a conservative 250 words a day, and as of today I am at almost 15,000 words.  Totally surprising myself.  The organization of my story seems disjointed, but I know that it can and will be arranged in a better order.  Because of some new information that has surfaced this month, my story is taking a very unexpected turn, and some rewriting will be necessary.   

Looking back at the writing for the first day or two, there are lots of things that should be changed.  My beginning looks very much like a list of facts, far different from my writing of the last couple days.  I still have more writing for the next couple days, but once the draft is completed, I plan to spend more time reading from the recommendations, and doing more research, especially on the social issues of the times and places. Then it will be on to Draft #2.

Thank you Lynn for this challenge, and to everyone else for their thoughts and encouragement. I also hope that we can continue sharing and supporting each other.


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Feb 28 12 7:33 AM

My ending of telling my grandfather's story is recounting an interaction that I watched him have with his 6-year-old great grandson in August.  He teased him just like he's teased me for 44 years.  It was beautiful and and the last word of my book is "Honyocker".  I think I'll rewrite the beginning somehow so that the first word is "Honyocker."


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Feb 28 12 1:40 PM

My ending is the full-circle model.  I'm close to the end of the first draft too, and then I'll start the rewrites.  I'm so looking forward to that and seeing the book come to life.  This has been an inspiring and fruitful month for me.  Lynn, you have done a great job on this!  

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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Feb 29 12 2:42 PM

I had my beginning and my ending from the was the middle that got me! ;-)

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