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Feb 28 12 7:53 PM

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Today's post was fitting for me. I've started the process of revising my draft, one of many revises I'm sure. Tonight, my order from arrived containing my copy of Oh, Beautiful by John Paul Godges. I eagerly dove into it because it came so highly recommended in this forum. I'm 20 pages in to the actual story and I've already been shocked, teary-eyed, felt completely immersed in a small village in Italy as if I were actually there and blushed along with young love. Really? Wow, I fear I'm a bit intimidated now! John Paul Godges had the wonderful opportunity to interview multiple generations of his family to gather these amazing stories. I am so jealous that I did not have this opportunity! My story is full of "perhaps they," "surely he," "most likely she..." I have nothing but speculation gleamed from the emotionless documents that are the only traces of my ancestors lives. Sigh, I wish I really did know what happened. I wish I knew the intimate details of their first loves, their losses, their triumphs. Even those of younger generations that are still around for me to interview have been like pulling teeth. My aunts and uncles grew up in a house where bad things weren't discussed, they were shoved under the carpet and never spoken of again. Trying to get them to talk about their lives is not easy. And they certainly don't understand my fascination with the past.

Ok, so now my goal for March is not to be jealous of published works, but to evaluate the information I do have and find the best way to work with it. This is not going to be easy, lol.

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Feb 29 12 2:47 PM

I'm at the same place in my story as you, Michelle. No one spoke of their grandparents...because no one after my husband's great grandfather, even knew their grandparents. So sad. No family's all discovery. I'm sure, Michelle, that we'll find our place and one day someone will think of our work as we do now of John Paul Godges'. My copy hasn't arrived yet...I ordered mine from B&N with my month's 20%off coupon...should arrive sometime next week. I was surprised that it wasn't available in stores.

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Feb 29 12 6:45 PM

Michelle, I am reading Oh Beautiful as well, and share your thoughts. The author writes as though he was walking along with his ancestors. I am envious of his opportunity to interview so many relatives too. In the end we can only do the best we can with the information available.

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