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A family history video too good not to be shared!

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Mar 24 12 6:46 AM

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As I viewed this video this morning, gaining new insight on how to craft the story where family information is sparse, I couldn't not share this with you. I hope it assists you in thinking about a global historical perspective.

Breathing of an Ancestor's Space and Time

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#2 [url]

Jan 17 13 5:04 PM

This was a wonderful video, it mixes story telling, visuals and audio, there has obviously been a lot time spent on writing and then producing not only this video but the others that the author has done, very inspiring.

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Jan 22 13 8:31 AM

Thanks Deb, this was good to watch - gives us more ideas...  I recently came across a blog called where2look4ancestors which has several memory joggers that could be useful in story telling.  In fact, it caused me to re-visit some audio tapes I made with a cheap recorder in 1982 while my grandmother and I looked through old pictures - many of which have since been lost.

Hopefully the referenced blog will give you ideas to augment your stories, and not distract you or cause you to question your planned outline. 


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#6 [url]

Jan 23 13 7:27 PM

You're welcome! I had to re-watch it last week to get it back into my mind how he wove all those details together from just that photo, a newspaper clipping, and some fire journals. I think it's one to watch anytime we need inspiration. 

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#7 [url]

Jan 24 13 7:31 AM

Oh my gosh!  This is amazing, Deb!  I am having to watch it again...and again, to get the full force of how he has put all of this together.  I've got so many ideas now for my own writing.  How in the world did you come across this?  I think I will post it on my blog.  Thank you!  b.

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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#8 [url]

Jan 24 13 12:53 PM

This guy is an artist and historian. Extraordinary storytelling; his whole channel is well worth a watch. 

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#10 [url]

Jan 26 13 7:38 PM

All I can say, Bettyann, is that I love to follow links. I can't remember if it was something I got from one of the writing groups I follow on Facebook or not, but it is definitely a great example to visit again and again for inspiration!

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#12 [url]

Jan 30 13 4:30 AM

What a beautiful, powerful video - thanks for sharing. I have subscribed to his channel so I can watch more later. He is a brilliant storyteller - and uses the video very well. I hadn't thought of creating videos to tell some of the stories. An idea to ponder....

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#14 [url]

Feb 2 13 3:01 PM

I don't think you even have to be a member of this group to watch it, Linda.  It wasn't private when I watched it, as I noticed other people leaving comments who weren't in this group.  Maybe Lynn knows something I don't.  It is very good.  b.

Bettyann Schmidt rhinegirl.blogspot.cim

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#16 [url]

Feb 4 13 1:47 PM

Unfortunately, the video has been made private for both You Tube and his website. This has just recently been changed because I was on his website and You Tube channel  just last week when I was working on the newsletter. That is a shame. 

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