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Apr 3 12 5:21 AM

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Yesterday, the 1940 Census was released. How many of you jumped on with the millions of other family historians and attempted to find their family? received something like 37 millions hits yesterday needless to say it left a few people a little frustrated. 
That aside who got on and did you find anything? Did that information effect your story good or bad? Did it fill in some gaps, or did it create more questions? 
Or is the census information recent history, did you already have this information through living relatives and family interviews?

Will the 1940 Census effect your story? 

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Apr 6 12 5:03 AM

I found my grandparents in the 1940 census. It was interesting to see not only where family members were working, but how much they made! You get a real feel for how the older children in the family contributed financially coming off the depression years. I think the census will definitely add richness to my story. And as a house history researcher, I am thrilled about the question asking where the person lived in 1935!

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Apr 6 12 1:44 PM

I found my mother's family and my great grandmother's family...also my paternal husband's grandparents. I discovered that my husband's aunt and uncles have all moved out of the home by 1940, so I'll be doing a major hunt for them. I think I'll wait till it's indexed to pursue that one. But there are others I came across in the process. For example, I found the home of the Italian family that lived near my Mom. Mrs. Matraxia always made the most fabulous cannoli! She would always have large sheet pans of chicken warming in the oven, lots of pasta on the stove, homemade wine in the cellar, and chocolates. If you didn't eat they were offended.

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